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Behind the Art and Soul of what we do

Our initiator


Growing up in a beautiful rural Appalachian town, Founder and Creative Director Michael Blevins was always curious, innovative, and creative. Discovering commercial art in high school, he recalls the words from his mentor and art teacher, Mr. Smith, who described it as the “evil soul of all things creative,” He became instantly obsessed.

A journey in search of all things creative

Graduating from high school in 1987, Michael left his small hometown for the bright lights and big city of Atlanta, Georgia, to study commercial art and visual communications at the Art Institute of Atlanta. He was immersed in the world of consumer behavior and the “big polished scene” of advertising.

He learned early on that influential commercial art and advertising worked because they were not only highly creative, but at their core, they catered to consumer behavior and relied on demographics to captivate a precise audience.

Raleigh North Carolina is the place you art to be

Ignoring the cliche saying “It’s better safe than sorry” and fresh from graduating, Michael graciously declined a position with Coca-Cola Company in the advertising department and decided to make a new home in Raleigh, NC, which at the time had just been rated as a top city to build a career. Michael’s goal was to immerse himself in real-world experience and hone his skills and talents, with a clear focus on establishing his own high-end design studio.

Setting out for his vision, Michael took a position at Corporate Solutions, a well known state-of-the-art design and service bureau company. Within a few short years, he accepted the lead Art Director’s position. In this leadership role, he further perfected his craft of design, printing, and post-production methods. With his creative guidance as Art Director, Corporate Solutions was recognized in prestigious industry design magazines for outstanding achievements and techniques, receiving awards and recognition for Blevins off the rails unconventional printing methods.

Raleigh North Carolina is the place you art to be

Capitalizing on his success and with a renewed focus, he took a new position as Creative Director, where he would work with Fortune 500 companies at The Art Group, Inc. This would prove to be his final job working for the “man.” In 1998 and over two decades ago, he made the fearless decision to focus on his lifetime goal.

He launched his self-titled web media company Blevins Creative Group, Inc. Well; actually, the original name was MBD New Media and later changed to Blevins Creative Group, Inc.

Fire in the Belly

Blevins Creative Group, Inc was born out of Passion, Knowledge, Expertise, Discipline, and Ethics. With his passion for photography and his love of architectural design, it was clear for the company to focus on a “niche market” that they continue to serve to this day. Blevins Creative would exclusively work with bespoke luxury home builders, developers, architects, builder service companies, and the real estate market. Blevins would provide killer full-service marketing that included; strategy, design, branding, web development, advertising, printing, lifestyle branding, and photography.

Fast forward to almost 52,000 hours, and 20 years later, Blevins Creative name is synonymous with strategic real estate marketing. We have produced some of the most innovative, creative, and successful real estate marketing in Raleigh and the surrounding Triangle area.

With his hands-on mentality and talents, he leads a diverse creative powerhouse small team of writers, producers, and developers to empower his clients’ to command their market and experience a real-world ROI to their bottom line.

The Moral of the story

As with life, marketing and branding, there is no magic pill for success; and dreams won’t become a reality without grit. Only hard work and discipline can get you where you want to go.

Learn About The Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo

Over 40 years of combined experience, and we’re just getting started!

Dynamic Duo’s have been around forever. They are a very special pair of people or things that together combine unique traits for success. You know, like Batman/Robin, Sales/Marketing, Blogs/Social Media and Peanut Butter & Jelly. 

Chemistry gives power duos spark that ignites passion, imagination, creativity, and vision. Our journey began with a cosmic spark, and our duo was officially established in 2019. We are entrepreneurs that combine creative talents, photography, sales/marketing, writing, wanderlust, lifestyle marketing, vision and design.

As leaders, we bring the combination of all four business chemistry types. As drivers, we value challenge; we are logical and competitive. As guardians, we value stability and bring order and rigor. We are reserved and practical with meticulous attention to detail. As integrators, we value connections, relationship-oriented, and have empathy. Lastly, as pioneers, we value possibilities; we are outgoing, spontaneous, adaptable, and innovative. 

There is always a common goal with a duo, and we want to put a spark in your story and find the chemistry in your brand and business. Because Dynamic Duos are forever, and chemistry is never-ending. 

Engage. Inspire. Motivate.