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Triangle Builders Guild

Strength in numbers, pride in independence.


Triangle Builders Guild


Naming, Brand Development & Market The Builders Guild Of North Carolina


February 2006 — 2017

Our Services

  • Naming

  • Content Strategy
  • Brand & Corporate Identity
  • Event Promotions

  • Marketing & Research
  • Corporate Website
  • MLS Real Estate Listings

The HEART of Custom Home Building

The Triangle Builders Guild formed in 2005 in Raleigh, to bring together the best custom home builders in the Triangle area of North Carolina. This exclusive group consists of local business owners and custom home builders who are invested in the quality of life and the beautification of the Triangle Area. Demonstrating a commitment to building attractive custom homes and new home neighborhoods the Triangle Builders Guild amassed $341 million in sales for 2017.

Create Luxury Brand

Define Custom as King

Build Trust

Building the concept

Each Guild member has crafted beautiful custom homes in the Raleigh, Cary and RTP area of NC for an average of twenty-four years. Four members are second-generation custom home builders, two are third-generation, and one is a fourth-generation custom home builder. In 2017 the members of the Triangle Builders Guild built custom homes amounting to $341 million in sales. That figure is nearly double the sales volume of the largest national builder active in the Triangle. Each Guild member is selected by peer review based on an outstanding track record of ethical practices, successful project management, satisfied customers, and passion and specialized skills for building quality custom homes.

Leveraging Group Power

The Guild’s combined sales in 2017 reached $341 million

Giving back to the community

Hundreds of homes built since 2002 Habitat for Humanity Builders Blitz program.

Power for the People

2006 was a different time in digital media and real estate. We knew the change that was coming would be in favor of the homebuyer. As told in our initial branding of TBG, we predicted that the art of selling homes would be on-line. 

2010 we implemented a new website to pool the talent of the guild into a signle entity for new custom home searches. We developed an IDX method to pull all 26 builders listings from the MLS and display them in a searchable listing on the Guild website.

Once this was in place, the system ran itself. No updating listings by hand or fixing dated, or incorrect information. The site to this day is a luxury home selling machine for the little guys.

Engage. Inspire. Motivate.